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As an agile and innocent girl, after graduating from Beijing Film Academy, Liu Meilin was not as eager to enter the entertainment industry as her classmates. Instead, she worked diligently in the academic field and finally obtained a master's degree. After getting acquainted with the famous painter Li Guijun, Liu Meilin also became a model for his oil paintings. The two closely cooperated and brought too many classic works to everyone, whether in terms of artistic quality or aesthetic value. Everyone brought the enjoyment of beauty.

01 Beauty is a master, but infatuated with painting creation
If I use IQ and facial value to describe Liu Meilin, I believe it is not too much. In his golden age, Liu Meilin was not keen on acting The film and television dramas, but concentrated research in the academic field, it can be seen that its courage is not comparable to ordinary people, and she also relied on her accumulation of accumulation, and eventually became popular on the Internet.

In the play "Three Lives III and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms", Liu Meilin's solid acting skills have been fully utilized. The infatuated girl Zhiyue played by her was once a white paper in the minds of many fans. Moonlight, it can be seen that his acting is superb, which is rare among the new generation of actresses. However, in addition to acting, Liu Meilin is also keen on painting and creation, and can be described as an out-and-out talented woman.

02 As the model of famous oil painting master Li Guijun
During the steady progress of her career, Liu Meilin’s elegant temperament and beautiful appearance have won the favor of the famous painter Li Guijun and invited her Acting as his own painting model. What everyone didn't expect was that Liu Meilin didn't feel any wrong with such a request and accepted it with pleasure. It was under such circumstances that Li Guijun's creative desire was stimulated and he completed many classic paintings.

As the so-called art is interlinked, Liu Meilin, who is well-known in the performing arts circle, has enhanced her artistic temperament even more with her persistence and selfless creative spirit. In daily life, Liu Meilin has a humble and enterprising heart, and humbly asks previous artists for advice, which has further improved her acting career.

03 Li Guijun, the founder of the Chinese Realism School
Li Guijun, who graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts, once studied under the masters of painting Yang Feiyun and Jin Shangyi, in modern realism paintings, he showed He has excellent painting skills, and he has also struggled in education for many years and cultivated many painting talents for the motherland. It was not until his resignation in 2004 that Li Guijun was able to calm down and concentrate on painting creation.

With outstanding achievements in the realism painting field, Li Guijun, together with famous painters such as Yang Feiyun and Ai Xuan, jointly initiated the establishment of the Chinese Realism School and became one of the founders of the Realism School. It can be seen that the depth of influence of other painting circles is unmatched by other painters, and his works have been sold for tens of millions of dollars, which is even more impressive.

After cooperating with Liu Meilin, Li Guijun created an oil painting "Is everything intact as before", which fully demonstrated Liu Meilin’s pure temperament and beautiful appearance, and brought it to everyone Aesthetic art enjoyment. And this painting has also won multiple awards in painting exhibitions, which is impressive.