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22 Mar Mondrian: Pioneer of Western Geometric Abstract Painting School
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In the past three centuries, there have been three painters in the history of Dutch art: Rembrandt in the 17th century, Van Gogh in the 19th century, and Mondrian in the 20th century. Mondrian was a ..
20 Apr The Brilliance of Post-War Abstraction: A Selection of Modern Art Spring Auctions
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Gu Quan said that after the war, abstract art blossomed everywhere. Among them, the brilliant abstract expressionism, or the style collectively known as "thermal abstraction," advocates improvisation ..
03 May abstract mountain art
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Want to buy abstract mountain art for house deco? see our works first.  all of our abstract mountain artworks are 100% hand-painted by artists. quality guarantee. ..
04 May Juice Wrld Canvas
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Juice WRLD (December 2, 1998-December 8, 2019), American male hip-hop singer. In order to commemorate this great young man, many artists made some oil paintings for him which called Juice Wrld CanvasJ..
06 Aug
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Art Vision William de Kooning April 24, 1904-March 19, 1997, the soul of abstract expressionism by the Dutch-American painter William de Kooning was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, studied at the Rot..
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